Projects Update

By | June 28, 2019

Project Updates

I finally set up a usable workstation and have been catching up on some projects.  Of course as I start building I keep acquiring new projects to add to the list.

Elenco Power Supply

Starting the power supply build

I started this kit and easily soldered all of the components to the board in short order.  I started off using an old Weller pen but switched to my new Hakko FX888D-23BY which made things much easier!

The plan is to finish the kit as shipped then make adjustments/modifications as I’ve found them on the web.  These include adding a display, bleeder resistors, better potentiometers,  caps, etc.  Once complete, I can use the power supply for the remaining projects below.

QRP Labs Ultimate 3s QRSS/WSPR Kit and QCX 5w CW transceiver

These I’m looking forward to! I purchased the Ultimate 3 kit initially for 2m since I only had my Tech license. Since upgrading, I’ve purchased the switchable bandpass filter ( and 5 more plug in filters for the 6, 10, 20, 40, and 80 meter bands. I’m looking forward to setting up and testing the WSPR beacon. While I was on the QRP site buying the filters, I decided to buy the QCX 5w CW transceiver ( as well since learning CW is on my “to-do” list once I finish studying for my Extra license.

To round out the QCX, I ordered the enclosure designed for the QCX from BaMaTech in Germany.  And of course I need a paddle, so I ordered the “Dirt Cheap” Paddle from American Morse Equipment (  This, plus my recent eBay acquisition of a Vibroplex Original Bug, are more inspiration to learn CW!

We Vibroplex Original “Deluxe” Bug

A 1955 model per the serial number

I’ve found a number of resources on the web and plan on cleaning up the bug and hope to get on the air with it eventually. I want to learn CW with a straight key first, I recently picked up a key on eBay (Menominee Triumph Legless Straight Key) which I plan on using for training.

Speaking of training, I also purchased a Morseduino 2 Decoder from WB7FHC which I will use for practice and may incorporate it into a future project or use – we shall see!