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WWV on Wrist

I recently purchased a new watch. I needed a utility watch that is affordable and wanted the ability to easily display local time and UTC. In my research I came across Casio’s Waveceptor WV200A. (originally released in 2012). These watches have a built in receiver that synchs to WWV for accurate timekeeping. It’s pretty slick.… Read More »

Replacing the G5RV

One aspect of this hobby that I enjoy is antenna design and experimentation.  I’ve written before about my plan to build and off-center fed dipole (OCFD) which I may build in the future.  However, I am currently looking at a different antenna design to replace my current G5RV when I finish cutting down trees on… Read More »

QRP Labs QCX 40m Build

Now to get proficient using the code! I recently finished building the QRP Labs QCX for 40 meters. This was a fun build! I didn’t run into any surprises once I read the instructions which are very well done. The only real challenge was winding the toroids (not pictured above). I actually would one too… Read More »