New main rig in service!

By | August 28, 2019

New Radio!

Kenwood TS-590SG
New rig

So I ended up buying a new radio to add to the collection – the Kenwood TS-590SG. I love it! I especially love how easy it is to get on the air using digital modes (while I learn CW to operate via straight key…) I’m currently using a G5RV but it isn’t as high as I’d like nor directed in the direction I’d like. We have many tall trees here, and are planning on getting a tree guy to help out with rigging the support lines up in the trees so I can raise and lower the antenna and get it up as high as possible.

Since I have less than ideal conditions, I’ve been mostly playing with FT4 and FT8. So far so good although I do want to expand my horizons and actually speak with people… (or tap out dits and dahs…)

Stay tuned!