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New Set-Up

Last night I started working on my grounding & bonding. My shack is located in an unfinished room off of the garage which the former owner used for reloading his ammo. My long term plan includes finishing the insulation and sheetrock on the remaining walls and adding a new subpanel and service for the radio… Read More »

Antenna installed

Antenna Installed Yesterday I spent the day installing the Comet GP-9. I purchased an antenna mount that I hoped would work under the eaves but due to the fact we have a Dutch hip/Gablet roof, I ended up building a structure that I secured to the house on which I mounted the antenna mast. Mast… Read More »

Shack planning

Shack planning Slowly but surely I’ve been gathering gear to get on the air. I have lots to do to get my actual shack ready. The room I’ll be using needs work – from cleaning it out, re-insulating, new Sheetrock, new electric… plus the outside work of running feed lines, grounding, antennas… For now I’m… Read More »