QRP Labs QCX 40m Build

By | December 12, 2019
Almost done! (since completed)

Now to get proficient using the code!

I recently finished building the QRP Labs QCX for 40 meters. This was a fun build! I didn’t run into any surprises once I read the instructions which are very well done. The only real challenge was winding the toroids (not pictured above).

I actually would one too tightly and broke the wire. Thankfully I had enough leftover to re-do it and got them all installed with a little patience. I followed the alignment procedure but haven’t tried it out yet (waiting on a BNC adapter to hook up to my antenna switch).

In the meantime, I’ve been working on the code. I have the letters and numbers down and am slowly working on copying text. I have also been listening to live CW on the air and can make out some of it here and there. I will keep practicing and hope to get on the air soon!

…. – – .–. … —… -..-. -..-. .– .– .– .-.-.- –.- .-. .–. -….- .-.. .- -… … .-.-.- -.-. — — -..-. –.- -.-. -..- .-.-.- …. – — .-..

Oh – And I bought another one today for 17m…